To protect you and your company’s data, the Lemongrass Cloud Platform uses Enterprise-grade account security. The Lemongrass Cloud Platform enables you to log in using your existing enterprise account, or create your own.

Supported Login Providers

  • Microsoft Azure AD / Office 365
  • Microsoft Account
  • Google Account
  • Lemongrass Cloud Platform Account

Logging In

To access the Lemongrass Cloud Platform, click the login button on the menu. On the login page, select your provider. Then, using your login provider’s secure sign in form, enter your user credentials (name and password).

The Lemongrass Cloud Platform receives your secure login credentials and logs you in. Each login session lasts for a maximum of 8 hours. You can access an active session, using the same browser, anytime without having to log in. However, when a session expires, you’ll need to log back in.

Requesting Lemongrass Cloud Platform Access

If you do not have a Lemongrass Cloud Platform account, please contact your organisation’s Lemongrass Cloud Platform administrator and request access. Your Lemongrass Cloud Platform administrator needs to create and send you an account invitation to your specified email address. Your account invitation email contains a registration code. When logging in for the first time, you need to complete the Lemongrass Cloud Platform registration and enter your registration code.

Once the registration process is complete, the registration code is no longer required.

Using Multiple Providers

If you have multiple providers, e.g. Microsoft and Google, the Lemongrass Cloud Platform allows you to use both. Complete the registration process for the first account then ask your Lemongrass Cloud Platform administrator to reinvite you. You will receive a new registration code to your specified email address. Simply repeat the registration process using the new registration code. You still only have one Lemongrass Cloud Platform account. However, you can use multiple login providers to gain access.